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Sunday, October 7, 2007: Happy Campers with Frostbite

I woke up this morning to discover I had frostbit finger tips on both thumbs and half of my fingers. White blisters surrounded by darker pink skin had replaced my normal light pink skin. Bummer.


Today is Sunday so the departments here are closed. The regular working hours at McMurdo are 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, 6 days a week. Everyone works long hours here to help the science teams with everything they need. The 10% of so of people here that make up the science teams get the trainings and supplies for a successful field season from the other 90% of the good folks on the ice. The "summer" season starts here around October 1st with some personnel arriving on the same flights as the people they are training, feeding, supplying mechanical equipment for, etc. The spin-up of the field season is AMAZING! I'm glad they get today off to rest!

Most of the science teams continue to work. The field season is so short everyone has to maximize their time here as much as possible. Nick, now in dry clothes after his last exciting adventure, is working at writing the blog about Happy Camp.

While Nick, Stacy and I hammered away at the computers most of the day, work on SCINI continued with Bob, Marcus and Bryan sorting parts, and getting the videoray into one of the aquarium tanks that are just outside our lab. At one point Bryan was working on four different computers at once! When the 2 pm Crary Lab tour came by, Stacy talked about our project and then they "flew" the videoray in the tank.

There was a nice crowd around the tank admiring the videoray. If you want to know more about Marcus's company and videorays - go to!

We wrapped up the day with an evening lecture by Paul Ponganis entitled "Penguin Ranch Observations: From Emperors to Toothfish." Most of the talk was on the amazing physiology of the Emperor Penguins. To learn more about Emperors, and also Adelie Penguins, go to:


Dearest, Awesomest, Ms. Bell! I still can't believe you're in Antartica! OMIGOODNESS! We all miss you alot. Even though Mr. T is... ummm, well... He's okay.
But whatever, let's not talk about him, let's talk about you! OMIGOODNESS! Even though you got frostbite... (which I'm guessing really sucks!) It's still one of those once in a life time events. And you're there! I'm going to try to refrain myself from uttering 'omigoodness'. It will be hard, but I will manage. Anyways, yeah...
We can't wait for you to come back and tell us of all of your travels in person, and of course, we can't wait for another journal entry! (Which is actually fun to read!) Huh... go figure.
So yeah. You Keep doing yo thang girl! With much luv,
~Thomas Scott (girl!)

omigoodness, I mis-spelled Antarctica. I feel fun.

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