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Friday, October 19, 2007: Internet killed the Video Star
Got some goodies for you to viddy today from the past week of diving and driving. See if you can identify critters using this field guide to marine species around Ross Island!

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Here's a jellyfish Nick saw while SCUBA diving (download).


The following clips should stream if you click on them; otherwise you can use the links to download and play them locally. If you have trouble playing the downloaded clipls I highly recommend the VideoLAN ("VLC") client for just about any operating system. Watchout, the "large" clips are short but high resolution! Ultimately we will have even higher resolution video and photos from SCINI, stay tuned...

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Fish in the Crary test tank (small)

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SCINI Surfacing in the test tank (large, small)

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Coming into focus for the first time off the jetty (large, small)

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A mysterious orange reflective object near the jetty (large, small)

This is the first time we've done video, so let us know if you have any problems!


Thanks for sharing!! Joan (from Elphel)

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