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Wednesday, October 17, 2007: VideoRay takes a dive!
Bob launching VideoRay. Photo by Marcus.

One step forward, two steps back is how it feels sometimes - but progress is being made! Today we tested the navigation system with VideoRay taking her first Antarctic dive and using our newly remodeled Tucker as dive-command center.


The morning started out with "two steps back" with Bob, Marcus and Nick trying to extract the triple-stack of flights frozen in the sea ice. They tried 220 F water, big wrenches, swearing, and a few other creative ideas, but the flights remained stuck.

You are just seeing the top of the triple stack - picture 13 more feet of flight below the ice!

In order to get at least one step forward, the guys decided to put the transducer in the fish hut hole and deploy VideoRay through the dive hut hole.

You can see how close the fish hut (left) and dive hut are. Notice the Tucker in front of the dive hut. Look closer and you can see...

...the generator and cables running from the transducers and power supply into the Tucker cab.

So what is going on in the back of the Tucker?

Open the door and let's see...

The first day of using the modified Tucker as command-central. Thanks to Christian from the "carp" shop, there is a beautiful wooden shelf to put the computers and monitors on. Now we are at least three steps forward for the day.

Notice Marcus doesn't need his sunglasses inside command-central because of our hand-crafted curtains blocking the sunlight.

The VideoRay took some great footage of the sea floor and everyone had a blast flying it underwater - except for me because I am a chicken-weeny and was afraid I'd bury it in the silt or hit one of the pilings!
VideoRay Image: Starfish making a "nosh-pit" over the bag-0-bones that Stacy put down under the Jetty.
VideoRay Image: This strange creature is a polychaete (many bristles) worm called Flabelligera. It looks like a Flabelligera, don't you think?

VideoRay Image: Under Ice Garden

Health Update: The youngun's seem to be keeping the evil cold virus at Bay; Bob, Stacy and Mindy claim to be feeling better but sound like a walking TB ward, and Marcus is taking a well-deserved nap to keep his cold from pounding him into the basalt and ice of McMurdo!

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