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Wednesday, October 3, 2007: We arrive at McMurdo!

I miss my wife and kids already!
Today we woke up early and got on a C-17 military flight to McMurdo!

Here we are with our ECW (Extreme Cold Weather) gear waiting to board.


Here we are on board this awesome heavy lift air cargo aircraft. We have to have all our ECW ready to wear to get off the plane.

They even let us up in the cockpit. It’s “all glass” meaning all the instruments are computer screens though they do still have the old gauges for backups.

After 4.5 hours we can start to see some land and lots of snow! We only have 3 tiny windows we can look out of but what a view!

As you can see there isn’t any nice, warm ramp to get off the plane. The temperature was around 0 F which didn’t sound too bad but it was also windy and that cold air cut right through any exposed skin! I took my hand out of my special glove to take this shot and it was very cold by the time I got it back in the glove.

And here we are at McMurdo! It’s basically a bunch of buildings (about 70) on the side of a mountain. Everything is very industrial looking with pipes and wires you have to step over everywhere.

Here’s one of the bridges over the pipes – and there’s even a metal troll under this one, though he's hard to see!

Have you ever walked into one of those huge walk-in freezers? Many of the doors here look just like those walk in freezer doors – kinda funny but very practical.

Stacy gave us all Tie-Dye pillow cases as a welcome gift. And, just so you know, Bryan is smiling under his.

Here’s a sundial indicating 7:00 pm. We did have a sunset but it never got really dark all night. After the sun set behind the mountains the temperature rapidly dropped to -12 F and that felt really cold!

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