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Saturday, November 17, 2007: Life Under Water
Today’s update comes to you from underwater. Well not really but it involved some underwater activities. I have to say that every time I suit up to get into the water there is a feeling of excitement that runs through my body. I have made seven or eight dives under the ice and each dive has been a new experience. Today we were suppose to dive a site called Arrival Heights and this was going to be newly formed team member Rusty’s first dive. The plan, Rusty and Dive God Rob Robbins were to complete their dive first and Bob, Stacy and myself were going to splash in next.

Mama Stacy makes sure Rusty’s mask is tucked in and ready to go for his first Antarctic dive.


Dive God Rob Robbins had briefed us on the 119 foot dive site where a huge volcano sponge sat at the bottom. From the bottom of the down line the ground sloped upwards As we waited for Rusty and Dive God I thought about my first dive and how I felt prior do jumping in.

After about 30 minutes we saw some air bubbles come up from the dive hole and we all prepared for Rusty and Dive God’s return. Rusty was the first one to come up and his first words out of his mouth were, “That was horrible!” Of course he had a joking grin on his face. We all helped strip Rusty’s gear off and next up came Dive God as smooth as can be. Rusty’s first experience under the ice was a great one and he saw some amazing new things. In a post dive interview Rusty said he really enjoyed the anchor ice that has formed on the bottom of the ocean.

Okay, on with what you people want, more pictures!!!

This is what a Rusty looks like before an ice dive.

Rusty poses so well underwater.

And this is what a Rusty looks like after a dive. What an accomplishment!

Here is some of the anchor ice covered with ribbion worms. Hey, isn't ice suppose to float??

I mean this little fishy was way too cute for Stacy to not take a picture of!

And no dive would be complete without some goofy pictures of Bob and I posing.

This has nothing to do with the post but I went snowboarding on a trial called Castle Rock the other day. Snowboard and ski in Antarctica, check!

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