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Wednesday, December 12, 2007: The Last Blog
The last blog falls to me...


Here at the end of the season, we have been busy with the business of giving back the increadible amount of stuff we borrowed from the permanent stores here at McMurdo. Packing is no fun at all.

Rusty and I had an unexpected bonus on our last afternoon when the fish biologists asked us to help them check their lines at Penguin Ranch. The penguins were gone and the ranch shut down but it was a nice ride on a wonderful clear day. Better than sitting in a lab, or even the local bar, waiting on the flight. We caught no fish but thats not really the point of fishing as I understand it anyway.

Yesterday, as part of the wrap up to the season Nick gave a presentation of the work he has done on his Capstone project to our group and assorted friends.

Stacy introduces Nick

Nick has worked hard on the SCINI project, and can be proud of the pressure housings he manufactured. There were zero failures associatted with leakage past his pressure boundary. perhaps this gave Nick the confidence to relax and just let it all hang out.

Barefoot presentations are just how it gets done in Barrio Rio Seco.

The talk was well recieved and Nick responded well to the questions at the end. Then we all ate Ocean Adventure gummy fish candy (made with real fruit juice! A source of Vitamin C!).

You can see how much Rusty enjoyed asking Nick questions...


Keep up the good work.

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