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Wednesday, December 5, 2007: Pretty Pictures
Bob and I spent the last couple days down at the jetty doing some lighting and v
ehicle dynamics testing and we've got hours of video to pick through as an indir
ect result. Here are a few choice frames to peruse, plus a couple LIVE ACTION
video clips at the end.


Some of these are reasonably high resolution and you can make out more details if you click on them for the original file.

Le Video

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A bivalve claming up (download, smaller).

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An underice Antarctic dustwand RETREATING from our sun-like beam (download, smaller).

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Another example of benthic life fleeing from SCINI. This was by far the most agressive driving maneuver we tried, I think it's interesting how only part of the anenome responds. (download, smaller).

Thanks for playing...


Wow! Great pictures - great resolution on a video camera. Its is nice to see soo much is happening down there and the pictures say it all.

BTW, how big ARE those worms? :-)

It is amazing to see such a variety of life forms, with all their colors under thick ice on the bottom of the coldest ocean on Earth. The movies are great.

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